W A D O  R Y U  K A R A T E 


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MUSUBI DACHI - Attention stance

HACHIJI DACHI - Ready stance

ZENKUTSU DACHI - Forward fighting stance

NO TSUKOMI DACHI - Forward lunging stance

GYAKUTSUKI DACHI - Reverse-punch stance

GYAKUTSUKI - NO TSUKOMI DACHI - Lunging reverse-punch stance

SHEIKO DACHI - Horse stance

NEKO DACHI - Cat stance

NEKO ASHI DACHI - Cat-leg stance

SHOMEN NEKO ASHI DACHI - Front cat-leg stance

MAHANMI NEKO ASHI DACHI - Profile (or half-view) cat-leg stance

HEISOKU DACHI - Narrow stance (heels and toes together)

SHIZENTAI DACHI - Natural stance

KOKUTSU DACHI - Rearward lunging stance (sometimes called, gyakutsuki no tsukomi dachi)

NAIFANCHI DACHI - Modified horse stance (feet turned inward)

SEISHAN DACHI (Tatte Seishan Dachi) - Hourglass stance

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