TERMINOLOGY -- Class Commands

W A D O  R Y U  K A R A T E 


Wado RyuTerminology


SEIRETSU - Line up (traditionally, right to left, by rank)

SEIZA - Sit traditionally, in the zazen, or, kneeling position

REI - Bow

TACHI REI - Standing Bow

SHOMEN NI REI - Bow to the front (of the dojo)

SENSEI NI REI -  Bow to the instructor

OTAGAI NI REI - Bow to your fellow classmates

YUDANSHA NI REI - Bow to Black Belts

SEMPAI NI REI - Bow to the senior student or students

HAJIME - Begin, start

MATTE - Stop

KIOTSUKE - Attention

KIRITTSU - Stand Quickly



NAO REI - Recover to attention stance -- prepare to bow

YAME - Recover, return

YOI -  Open to 'ready' position (usually from musubi dachi to hachiji dachi)

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