TERMINOLOGY -- Hand Techniques

W A D O  R Y U  K A R A T E 


Wado RyuTerminology


ATEMI - Strike

TSUKI - Fist strike, punch

JUNZUKI - Stepping front-hand punch

JUNZUKI NO TSUKOMI - Stepping front-hand lunging punch

GYAKUZUKI - Reverse, or back-hand, punch

GYAKUZUKI NO TSUKOMI - Lunging reverse, or back-hand punch

URAKEN - Back-fist

SHUTO - Knife-edge of the hand

TETSUI - Hammer-fist

TATE - Vertical-fist (or vertical-hand)

SHOTE - Heel of the hand

IPPON NUKITE - One-finger spear-hand

NIHON NUKITE - Two-finger spear-hand

YOHAN NUKITE - Spear-hand (four fingers)

IPPON KENZUKI - One-finger knuckle strike

HAESHU - Open, back of the hand strike

HAITO - Ridge-hand

HIKITE - Pulling-hand

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