TERMINOLOGY -- Basic Anatomy

W A D O  R Y U  K A R A T E 


Wado RyuTerminology


CHUDAN - (Middle) Mid- area of the body from the waist to the shoulders

GEDAN - Lower area of the body from the hips down

JODAN - (High) Upper area of the body from the neck up

ASHI - Foot (also, leg)


ASHI SOKUTO - Outer edge ('knife edge') of the foot

ASHI JOSOKUTEI - Ball of the foot

HIIRU - Heel

KOSHI - Hips

TE - hand

HIZA - Knee

EMPI (or, 'hiji') Elbow

UDE - Arm

ME - Eye


NODO - Throat

ONAKA - Stomach

MIMI - Ear

SHINZO - Heart

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