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School: Bushido Dojo

Instructors: Sensei Jimmy Edwards~7th DanSensei Melvin Brown ~ 6th Dan Sensei Jeffrey Ford ~ 5th Dan

Location: 5536 Clarksville Pike Joelton, TN 

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Telephone: (615) 828-5553 / 227 - 5653

E-mail: bushidowado@aol.com

Welcome to Bushido Dojo School of Karate. With a long history rich in tradition, Bushido Dojo is the direct descendant school of the very first Dojo opened in the Nashville area by Shihan Cecil T. Patterson. Under the direction of Sensei Jimmy Edwards ~7th Dan~ Sensei Melvin Brown ~6th Dan~  and Sensei Jeffrey Ford ~5th Dan~, Bushido prides itself on maintaining, practicing, and reinforcing the value of traditional karate training; for both adults and children. 

Emphasizing the importance of self-discipline, honor, courtesy and respect as the true hallmarks of becoming a karateka, Bushido's Children's Program has earned accolades over decades, from parents, community organizations and Nashville Public Schools, making it one of the most successful, acclaimed programs of its kind in the region.

Known far and wide for its austere, rigorous and spiritual approach to traditional training, Bushido's Adult Program continues to attract students from all walks of life, with especially strong attendance from veteran and newly assigned officers within the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department.

Regardless of why you might be thinking of beginning -or resuming- your training in a martial art, we encourage you to stop by and visit with us. We look forward to seeing you soon!

For more information, visit us on-line @ BushidoWadoRyu.com!

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