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Wado Ryu KarateThe Way of Peace

Recognized as the first truly Japanese style of Karate, Wado Ryu remains one of the world's leading classical ryu, and the principal martial art studied by thousands of dedicated students the world over. To learn more about the Way of Harmony, click on any of the scrolls below.


It has been said by many that the deepest secrets of karate's mental, physical and spiritual awareness can be found within the moving meditation of Kata. Click the scroll to explore this fascinating subject.


Trace the origins our karate, and the life of its founder, Hironori Ohtsuka, in this three-part history written exclusively for USEasternWado.com.


Adapted from an open letter to all Wado karateka, written just two short years before his death, this letter from the Master himself remains one of the most important archival documents in traditional martial arts history.


Derived over time from the pages and verses of Bushido - the Code of the Samurai - the Dojo Kun form the precepts of Honor, Integrity, Respect, Loyalty and Justice that guide the lives of all true Karateka.


Whether you are a novice, or a seasoned student, correct terminology is essential to your complete education as a Karateka. Click the scroll above to access our on-line primer, and expand your knowledge!

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