From the President

The 27th of October 2008 will mark the 6th year of my fathers passing.  I can tell you that I as with most that knew my father, there is still a huge void.  The road has not been an easy one without him.  For those who had an opportunity to work with him we knew how dedicated he was to our system and to all in the USEWF.  If you didn't have the chance to meet him, I'm sure that your sensei can tell you so many stories that will lightened your heart and give you the insight of his dreams about a united Federation and pure Wado-Ryu.  This is what he was about.  He is responsible for the largest Wado group in the world because of his morals and what he demanded from every person from the top to the bottom.  He was never one to want praise for anything he did, just loyal people that would not take advantage of any situation to better themselves over martial arts.  Just as now in our federation no one is handed a rank just because.  You had and still have to earn it.

As this month comes and goes it will mark another year without him, but the one thing he did was instill the true spirit in all that he taught.  This is so evident to this day by all the affiliated dojo's belonging to the USEWF.  If I was to sum up the things that was important to my father in Martial Arts they would be:

Respect for those around you.

Loyalty to your dojo and sensei

Giving back more than you received.

Instill good morals to your junior students.

As a federation treat everyone as family.


These things are what made our Federation what it is today and the dojo's you attend run so well.  As the relatively new leader of the federation I will always follow these rules.  Even if they seem a little old fashion, these are the things that make us so great.


In honor of my father this year, I have linked 2 pages below.  The last interview of my father and some of the stories written by Karate ka sent to me (website) after his death.  I truly hope you always remember our roots as an organization and who was responsible for the largest impact in the Wado-Ryu System next to the creator of our system. 


To date the USEWF has a total of 17,403 registered members.

God Bless and Wa-No-Michi,

Sensei John V. Patterson

Interview with Sensei C. T. Patterson

Sensei Patterson's Memorial



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